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Deluxe European Facial

1 hr.    $ 95

The foundation for all facials provided.

This customized treatment concentrates on deep pore cleansing through exfoliation utilizing our complimentary Crème Peel.

Extraction, manual Lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage, masque, finishing moisture protectant, therapeutic massage of the décolletage, shoulders, neck, hands and feet complete this service.

Emerge with immaculately clean, glowing skin.


European Aromatherapy Facial      1 hr    $125

The inclusion of an aromatic blend of pure essential oils will make this classic facial truly unforgettable.

This experience includes deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation, hot towel aromatherapy massage and a finishing masque chosen for your skin type. Skin is restored and rejuvenated while your mind

drifts off into a state of bliss.   


Hot Towel Aromatherapy Purification Facial       1 hr    $105

Ideally suited for oily, congested, and problematic skin, or those suffering with

hormonal imbalance. This deep cleansing facial helps to regulate oil secretions, and refine open pores. Essential tea tree , which is naturally decongesting and anti inflammatory, is used to soothe , purify, and calm the skin, encouraging a balanced and clearer complexion.

High frequency machine applied to blemishes to destroy bacteria

deep within the pore structure.


Reactive Skin Rebalancer                1 hr.     $ 110

A facial customized for Rosacea, Eczema, and Dermatitis.

This treatment provides soothing relief and visible immediate results

to dilated capillaries, congestion, and irritation. Comforting and healing ingredients such as

green tea, chamomile, and Licorice synergize to bring your skin to its most peaceful state.


Luminousity                    1 hr     $115

A potent blend of stabilized vitamin C combines with the latest high tech formulation of freeze dried seaweed ideal for minimizing fine lines,promoting strength elasticity and nourishing your skin below the cellular level to receive an undeniable deep and long lasting Luminous Glow.


Lacto Flora peel / Glycolic         $75

This innovative facial peel uses Lactic Acid which is extremely compatible with human skin enabling greater results. This acid will gently exfoliate and hydrate as it possesses strong

moisturizing properties. This teamed with glycolic ,derived from sugar cane ,disintegrates the glue that bonds the dead skin cells to the new cells promoting glow to your complexion..

Targeted for Large Pore Size,

Uneven Texture, Thickened Epidermis and Hyper Pigmentation.

It will also help greatly to control acne as it reduces sebum production and pore clogging.

this is a wonderful treatment, and is considered the most potent acid for lightening the skin due to its ability to suppress the formation of tyrosinase (an enzyme that plays a key role in the formation of melanin).

Main ingredients : Lactic Acid, Hibiscus Flower Acid, Glycolic Acid

Recommended for all skin types. Must avoid if Lactose Intolerant / dairy allergy

* Add on service to facial


Organic Pumpkin Enzyme Peel  $75

The perfect peel with infused pumpkin seed oil for sensitive skin types that need cell turn over. A natural exfoliant with included benefits of jojoba and vitamins E, C & A to reveal brighter and firmer skin.

* Add on service to facial 


Pumpkin Honey Moisture Masque                   $55

One of the most nutritional masques packed with Beta Carotene vitamins A, C & E & blended with local organic honey

* Add on service to facial


 Tropical Glow Full Body Scrub      1 hr.    $ 125

Gently buff away dull, dry skin with the saltmousse enzymes of papaya and pineapple.

This lush lather removes impurities and releases toxins through the enzymatic process

of the fruits. To finish, macadamia nut oil and lavender applied will hydrate and provide an aromatic state of bliss.

Enjoy a fluid body massage during treatment to increase blood flow.


Hot Stone Back Restoration Treatment

A deep cleansing and comforting back treatment refines, restores, and smoothes the skin.

Extractions and customized mask included. High frequency machine used, if needed.

Hot stones added to loosen tightened muscles before massage.

Indulge yourself in this hard to reach area.

1/2 hr. $60



Tropical Escape De-Ageing Wrap with Pineapple & Papaya*                1 1/2 hrs.    $ 190

Drenched with papaya and pineapple, this tropical wrap is enriched with Crème Fraiche natural

butter, calcium, magnesium, saccharides, vitamin A and pomegranate extract. Blended with potent anti-ageing ingredients such as collagen and elastin polypeptides, this Crème Fraiche

formula glides smoothly over the skin.

Experience a glorious sensory escape as you are enveloped by the scent of vanilla and

enticing tropical fruits. The skin is deeply nourished, exfoliated and rejuvenated, revealing

an astonishing decrease in body crepiness and wrinkles. Negative ions released.

Also recommended for premature ageing.

 - Crème Fraiche

- Marine Collagen Polypeptides (smoothing)

- Marine Elastin Polypeptides (firming

- Retinol

- Pomegranate

- Hyaluronic Acid

- Retinyl Palmitate (vitamin A)

- Niacinamide

- Papaya

- Pineapple

- Vanilla



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